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small business services training 101
(virtual assistant / DIGITAL ENTREPRENEUR)

WHY >>> 

*Have you ever wanted to use the skills and experience you've gathered over the years to create a business suited to you?

*One where you can work primarily from home and custom design it to your abilities and interests?

*Maybe you just want a change.

I started offering small business services almost by accident after I closed my retail store. I wasn't sure what to do next, but I knew I could help others. Little did I know that small businesses WANT help and are EAGER to find it! (And I could do it from home).

Those able to offer custom services to SMALL BUSINESSES are in HIGH DEMAND.

Some people refer to those who offer non-employee services as "virtual assistants". I never thought of myself as a Virtual Assistant, but rather as someone who had skills that were useful to microbusiness and small business owners.

Whatever you want to call it, small business owners are looking for people to help them with tasks that they simply do not have time to complete on their own or they cannot afford to hire an employee.

You don't need a degree. Just some common sense and a love of learning!

WHAT >>>

The type of help small business owners are looking for can range widely from answering emails, managing their social media, basic bookkeeping, updating their websites, running errands, writing articles, curating content, sending out email newsletters and more. Each business is different.

HOW >>>

 Unlike starting another business, the cost to get up and going is minimal - if not next to nothing. The skills are also rather simple to learn. The greatest assets required to start a business service out of your home is maturity, reliability, integrity, patience, organization, and a desire to be a continual learner. 

I'd love to show you how I stumbled into this field quite by accident and discovered a huge opportunity!

*I can teach you the most requested skills

*How to get set up and started

*Where you will find the people that need what you have to offer.

WHEN >>> Every Thursday night from 7-8 MST. Starting March 1, 2018 - ending April 19, 2018


This is an 8-week course. It will be held LIVE, via Zoom, where I can interact with you and answer your questions. It will be HANDS-ON. Meaning, bring your computer, pen, and notebook. We will practice together everything that I do as someone who provides small business services. I'll teach how to curate content - and where to find it. I'll show you how easy it is to make you look like you are an amazing graphic designer (and you don't have to know anything about design). I'll teach you where to find all kinds of free resources and pieces of training that will increase your skills, making you more valuable.

Also, each week I will send out an email, after the class, with valuable resources and be highlighting the topics covered. In addition, I'll create a project for you to practice with.


Week #1:  Overview/Introductions
Week #2:  Mentality (wax on/wax off) [required - can NOT miss this session]
Week #3:  Setting up your business.
Week #4:  Marketing your business.
Week #5:  Curating content
Week #6:  Social Media
Week #7:  Social Media, part II
Week #8:  WordPress 101


Because this is my first time giving this course, I am offering it for nearly nothing. (Seriously) It is $49 for the entire 8-weeks! Because this is so crazy cheap, there will be no refunds.

I am literally handing you a business on a silver platter. While I will give you some great insights into how I did this and show you exactly what I do, I can not guarantee your results. It will be entirely up to you to apply what I give you and make it happen. Kapeesh?!

The only thing I ask in return is to give me some honest feedback throughout the course and at the end. Sound fair?


Click the button below to sign up. Once you purchase the course, I will email you with your first set of instructions.